A Note about Sugarbush Draft Horses

I see it over and over again, and no matter how many times it's said, it's still wrong. "Sugarbush Drafts are just an Appaloosa Draft Cross". Uh.... no. The Sugarbush Draft Horse was a breed created many years ago in Ohio. While the initial cross was made using Percherons to Appaloosas, in the many generations following, the breed has been solidified into a consistent type. Saying these horses are "just" a draft cross makes as much sense as saying that AQHA horses are "just" a Thoroughbred cross, American Cream Drafts are "just" a dilute Belgian, or that Morgans are "just" a grade.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's DONE (the webpage)

Iron Ridge Sport Horses

Well, it's mostly done.  I have one page that I just couldn't bring myself to tackling today, and that's the "about us" page.

I did get a personal page for each sale horse, got the entire site reformated for those crazy people who don't have a computer geek better half that insists on the top of the line wide screen monitor.  Yeah, evidently looking at my page at 1400 pixels wide is a bit different then those looking at 1024!

I did have a giggle, as I tried to update the blog here, with a link to the website on the front page.  I asked Jae how to add in a "clicky" the "hard way" and he looked at me as if I was silly.  Evidently, old school computer geek types don't use the nifty buttons that allow us non computer types to add links.

So, for those who want, please feel free to peruse the updated version of the Iron Ridge website.  I can now stop worrying about boring "paper work" (computer work?) and get back to worrying about filling the site up with current pictures and video.

Oh yes, and it's cooled off, so time to RIDE!


  1. the link doesn't work. Check for spaces in the URL.

  2. I checked out your site, nice!!! Love the dark background behind the three horses on the banner, beautiful!! Lookin' good! :-D

  3. Ok, Leah, I think I fixed the link.

    Thanks Jane for the nice comments! I'm also getting feedback on typos that passed the spell check. Eesh. =( I'll get those fixed soon.

  4. the link doesn't work. Check for spaces in the URL.