A Note about Sugarbush Draft Horses

I see it over and over again, and no matter how many times it's said, it's still wrong. "Sugarbush Drafts are just an Appaloosa Draft Cross". Uh.... no. The Sugarbush Draft Horse was a breed created many years ago in Ohio. While the initial cross was made using Percherons to Appaloosas, in the many generations following, the breed has been solidified into a consistent type. Saying these horses are "just" a draft cross makes as much sense as saying that AQHA horses are "just" a Thoroughbred cross, American Cream Drafts are "just" a dilute Belgian, or that Morgans are "just" a grade.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The big day is here

O is headed to the trainer!  He loaded perfectly (well, mostly) and was a gentleman.  Rose loaded ok... she took her time about it, and needed a bribe, but it was uneventful.

Now, I on the other hand........

Heather called before she came to ask about turning the trailer around.  I have an area that is a rocky gravely base with a bit of dirt over it.  It's safe to drive on even in the mud.....usually.  I have done this a zillion times.  I take my big truck and trailer, swing around, and pull out facing the way I want.  No big deal.

Heather arrived, and I told her that, and was so (cocky) positive that it wouldn't be a problem.... so her husband drives in, begins to turn around, and the top layer of dirt slides.  He starts skating on the slick layer of mud, and then he's stuck.  Sheesh.  Talk about making a liar out of me!

But, it worked out ok.  Jae got the tractor, and straightened it up, and in the end, nothing was harmed except my pride and ego.  From there, we laughed as her kids went on an egg hunt, and got the horses ready for their trip to the "big town".  Rose and O will be at the same trainer, and both should be showing by the end of the year.

You hear that Heather... I expect big things from them... many ribbons, and even more pictures!

I'm so happy with how things are working out.  I have made my prediction that Rose will have a lovely filly next year (and since I'm always wrong, it will most likely be a colt).  We will know in a few short weeks if she's bred, and trust me... I will be celebrating.

Leah, Kris, and Heather all got to meet.  I was less then stellar in my introductions, but the ladies managed fine while I overcame my embarrassment about the mud thing.  We're turning into a very large Sugarbush/Stonewall family.  I am so happy that so many wonderful people are so interested in these horses and seeing the breed move ahead. Heather invited us to haul up and go riding.... I will have to take her up on that. 

I am also seriously considering purchasing one of Everett's Sugarbush Horses for myself.  I love them, I'm awed by them, but a part of me keeps thinking that I should not be greedy.  I should allow others to own these horses, so we can spread these genes over a few owner/breeders, and make it that much easier for the breed to thrive.  But, I just WANT one. 

This is Sweetie.  She's a chestnut roan snowcap Sugarbush Draft Horse filly.  Talk about a mouthful!  I have always adored her, and now I am thinking about buying her.  I can foresee so many opportunities with her.  From driving to trails, to who knows what she wants to do, and of course easily predictable color (ee aa LPLP for the genetic fans out there).  I'm trying so hard to be sensible, but...... I just WANT her.  I only know of 2 Sugarbush Horses for sale in the world right now... both are with me.  (Sweetie above, and Katy, her full sister).  I think I am going to succumb to my urges soon!

Oh yes... and I finally got rain!  What a wonderful day.


  1. She sure is nice. If I were still trying to breed/raise drafts, she would be on my list! Go for it!

  2. Not a bad photo at all. Next time maybe a darker background since she's so light?

    Heather's cool. I can't wait to hear about O and Rose's new adventures.

  3. That's actually not the best one of the bunch either! You're right though, I really need a good back ground for the red roan type horses. I'm thinking once I get the back side of the barn painted (black) it will show them off nicely.... what do you think?

    Hmm....sounds like there's a painting day in our future!

  4. Ooooohhhhh, yes! You must indulge!!!!! Rose is settling in nicely, she still isn't "talking" to Titan, but she's not completely ignoring him either....funny thing is at 17 months....he's just about as tall as she is! I can't wait to show them off!