A Note about Sugarbush Draft Horses

I see it over and over again, and no matter how many times it's said, it's still wrong. "Sugarbush Drafts are just an Appaloosa Draft Cross". Uh.... no. The Sugarbush Draft Horse was a breed created many years ago in Ohio. While the initial cross was made using Percherons to Appaloosas, in the many generations following, the breed has been solidified into a consistent type. Saying these horses are "just" a draft cross makes as much sense as saying that AQHA horses are "just" a Thoroughbred cross, American Cream Drafts are "just" a dilute Belgian, or that Morgans are "just" a grade.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So, if any one missed me, here's the reason why!

For me, it all started Monday morning.  We had a lightning storm that night, and my router was fried.  I tried to connect to the Internet, and nothing!  Well, naturally, we called tech support, explained about the storm, and then they ran a ton of line tests and such.  No biggie, right?  Ha!

So, then I am told that they won't be able to have my Internet working again until Thursday.  GAH!  That's almost a whole week with out interwebs.  How will I live?  I have websites to updates, I have ads out, I have clients to email.  I told them I couldn't wait that long, and could they please send the router/modem thingy faster?  I offered to pay for next day delivery, etc, and got nothing.

Well, they then said Wednesday.  So on Wednesday, I called, and oh boy.  Evidently, my father, who is also a contact on the account (since dad's job is to handle the paper work and bills for Iron Ridge), got a call, and missed it.  When he called back, the person he was talking to didn't understand what he was trying to say (ship the router next day!).  He made the offhanded comment of "I don't care about the phone, or the TV, but I need that Internet up like, yesterday".  Ok, so we get all of those services through Verizon.  It's a bundled deal.  I only use the land line for faxing, and have it in case of an emergency - but mostly for the discounts!

So, the young lady that my father spoke with seems to hear something completely different.  Something like "I want you to disconnect the service, and just get me a plain Internet account".  Being the helpful girl she is, she did just that!  She canceled my account, set up a new account under my father's name, and sent out the parts.  Well... guess what this did to the "order in progress"?  Yeah... totally deleted it.

I call back (because I also had someone call me) and get the nicest guy.  His name is Trey.  Well, Trey started digging deeper then just what was on the screen in front of him.  He finds the cancellation, the new account, and all the mess that has been created by one off handed phrase.  He explains this to me, and I'm like "Oh, NO.... that's supposed to be like this".  So Trey fixed it all up, talked to my father, and got us one happy account, and then tried his hardest to get a rush on it all.  He says "Your service should be up by tomorrow, and if it's not, call back".

Guess what.  It wasn't up.  I called back.  This time, the problem is that the account that was deleted has a balance due on it (because it was deleted mid month).  So the system tells them that I can not have a NEW account until I pay off the old one.  Yeah, right.  Like hell I'm paying you early for screwing things up!

I end up with a manager, who hears my story, understands, and waives a ton of stuff.  She tells me that the Internet will be up "tomorrow", i.e. Friday.  So guess what.  It wasn't up.  I call back.  Now there's another problem.  They can't find the order, the system ate it.  They tell me that it's fixed and should be on by the end of the day.  At the end of the day.... it's not up.

I called back, and THIS TIME, it's because when the account was canceled, they turned off the phone line.  Have to have a tech come out and manually turn it on.  I'm livid.  of course, it's the weekend, so no one is around.  I explain the story again to the person I am talking to, trying so hard to be calm, because this is a new one, and he doesn't deserve to get yelled at for something that he is trying to fix.  He asks me to hold, and then comes back to tell me that there is ONE man in the office, by sheer chance, and he's going to have him hook up the phone. 

Now, isn't it odd that they can do that?  I mean, I thought I had to have a tech come out?

But, none the less, I am told my phone service is on, and my Internet should be on Monday.  No one is in that can do that, but if it's not on by noon Monday to call back.

Guess what?

Yeah, it wasn't on.  So here's where it got fun.  I called back.  By this time I have a book of names, numbers, and information at my side, with everything I have been told.  I took the name of every tech, rep, agent, and manager/supervisor I spoke with.  I can't say I was friendly, but I wasn't rude.

It took me 30 minutes to talk to the first person, and from there it went downhill.  They told me it was on, and transferred me to someone to verify that.  That person told me it wouldn't be on until the 20th (Wednesday).  I explained the situation to them, and they transferred me to someone that could help me.  THAT person told me that the account had a balance due, and IF I paid in full today, I could have service in 5 days.  I asked to speak to a manager. 

The manager told me that her agent was right, and I was out of luck, and how dare I not pay my bill.  I asked her if she had listened to what I was trying to explain, and if she looked at the due date (October 26th) and why it would have anything to do with this.  She told me that I could not cheat the system.  I asked to speak to her boss.  Well.... that was a mistake.  The boss was even more rude, explaining that it didn't matter when it was due, they couldn't do a thing to help me.  I could have service on the 28th.  Uh.... I'm getting further and further from my reconnect date of October 15th here people, and THAT was 3 days ago!

She tries to tell me to give her my credit card, and she'll just take care of it now.  I explained to her that with the way I have been treated, Verizon will get money from me after and only after my Internet is working again.  At which time I will gladly pay the bill in full.  So THEN she tells me that the bill is $384!!!!  WHAT?  Evidently that was all the disconnect and reconnect fees for the total of 3 accounts that were made in this mess.  WHAT???  And you expect me to PAY FOR THAT?  I admit, I was a bit rude here.  I told her that if I didn't have a working DSL by the time I woke up Tuesday, as my latest notice had promised, Verizon wouldn't see a dime of that, I would be lodging a complain for fraud, and I would simply find another provider.

So, she transfers me to another department to see about expedition.  I explain to this nice man the whole thing, the various things I had been told, and how confused I was.  I told him flat out "look, I don't know what's going on, but I just needed a new router/modem thingy because mine was fried.  I have that now, but I can't seem to get any one to connect my service because of a misunderstanding".  He looks through my account notes, and chuckles.  I started to be offended, until he says, "Well, when I looked it said that your service would be restored on the 20th, then the 19th, and now it's by 6pm today".  That was in less then an hour.  He didn't SAY it, but he made it clear that someone back in the line (that rude manager maybe?) was covering her butt and moving my connect date up.

The nice man asked a few questions, checked a few things, and then told me "look, it's in progress, but I seriously doubt that your service will be on by this evening.  I'm putting follow up notices all over your account, so that every department will have to check on it, and if it's not on by 8am tomorrow, I will be shocked."  And I'm thinking, yep, I've heard that before!  Then he says "I will be calling you back personally tomorrow between 9am and 10am to make sure it's up, and if not, I will be able to help you more.

HOLY CRAP!  Service?  What? 

So, this morning I woke up to Jae saying "uh..... I think the Internet is working!".  Yep, it's on.  But wait, there's MORE!  First off, the nice guy really did call me back.  Said it looked good from his side, and he wanted to make sure I could actually connect.

At noon a tech shows up.  Nice guy, all Verizon looking, in a Verizon truck.  He tells me that when the service was turned on, they made a mistake.  Someone switched the phone lines.  My line was dialed into a different number, and someone across town was getting my faxes.  He had just switched them.  Oddly, just seconds before he knocked on my door, my Internet went off.  Like dead off.

I told him about that, and he checked it out.  Ran tests, looked into things, made some calls.  He couldn't find the problem on site, so asked for a number, and told me he'd call me back in about an hour.  Sounds like time for lunch.

When he calls back, he said that there was a bit of a mess, and asked me to check a few things.  All hardware was working, but I still couldn't connect.  He says he'll call back. 

This time I was on a horse, so Jae handled the last of it.  The nice tech gets everything taken care of, and I have my real internet service!

I truly can not believe how many ways they managed to mess up my service.  And true to my word, I logged in to pay my bill.... and it's a whole lot lower then it was the last time.  I'm now back to normal for what I expected, and got a free router/modem out of it. 

But, now I am back, and I have some lovely new horses in training with me, and a CUTE new baby here for boarding.  Fun stories coming soon...................if the internet stays on.  =)


  1. Gahh!!! Sounds like my land line phone service ! they manage to bollock things up as a matter of course about once a year.last time I called because my sisters line was down ,so they switched mine for hers then told me they couldn't fix it fo a week! NOT ACEPTABLE ! I told them I would start only paying for the days I actually had 24 hrs consecutive phone service,that got some action!Glad you are back

  2. I think I might just have given up - I hate telephones, internet service and cell phone plans - not necessarily in that order!

  3. Wow. That's an epic adventure. Reminds me of the "fun" we had with Denton Municipal Utilities two years ago...

  4. Gotta love Verizon !!! *chuckle*

  5. Dang. We get better service from rinky-dink Nortex. Of course, our cells aren't bundled. For that, we use AT&T.

    Can't wait to meet the new ponies, especially the baby!

  6. Luckily, I have this paranoia about putting my land line service on the same bill as my cell service. I've had too many things happen, and the thought of losing all contact with the outside world... not good!

    The bad part is, it was so unbelievable that it was funny while it was happening, not just after the fact.

  7. Wow. That's an epic adventure. Reminds me of the "fun" we had with Denton Municipal Utilities two years ago...

  8. Luckily, I have this paranoia about putting my land line service on the same bill as my cell service. I've had too many things happen, and the thought of losing all contact with the outside world... not good!

    The bad part is, it was so unbelievable that it was funny while it was happening, not just after the fact.